joker388 Bots – The Complete Story

The New York Times recently published a series articles which describes and critiques the way that Poker Bots have taken over online Poker sites. Bots are computer programs that are programmed by humans and allow them to log in to online poker sites. They then compete with other players in poker rooms as if they were real people.

While I prefer playing online poker against people, I don’t mind poker bots being in an active. First, bots can only be as good as their programmers. Computer programs are able to calculate odds at a faster rate than the human brain, but these algorithms are still only as accurate and reliable as the people who program them. It is difficult to incorporate the human element of poker, such as the ability to rationally determine whether someone is lying or not, in computer code. Computer programs are susceptible to errors in human rationalization.

The New York Times attempted to harm the online poker industry secondly by referring to the fact login joker388 that poker bots make it impossible to play online. I believe that bots increase poker liquidity and help to strengthen online games.

It is important to remember that 70% of U.S. Stock Market’s trading activity comes from HFT’s (High Frequency Trade), which are super-computers programmed by humans and located near stock exchanges. This allows for lower latency. The stock market is the largest legal gambling house in the globe. Computer programs created by humans now control and manipulate it.

If we want to condemn Poker Bots, and their influence over online poker rooms, then we must also pay attention to HFT’s impact on financial markets which control the world economy. Our society is highly sophisticated and controlled by computers, the internet and other computer devices. Without seriously considering and reviewing other industries that are governed by similar technologies, we cannot condemn an entire industry’s automation (pokerbots). The U.S. stock market is largely controlled by highly-functioning computers and computer algorithmic. This issue must be addressed immediately before we can even think about ridiculing online poker, which clearly takes its cues from “highly regulated stock markets”.