How to compare lottery strategies

When it comes to increase your chances of winning lotteries, there are only two things you can do.

1. Buy more tickets.

2. Increase your chances of winning.

For example, if the opportunity to win the lottery jackpot is 1: 2,500,000, you can increase your chances of winning up to 1: 100,000 if you buy 25 bets. However, for those of us who prefer to use our brains than our money, we use lottery software programs to increase our chances of winning lottery jackpots before we spend money on bets.

Obviously, the # 2 method is preferred because it allows you to stretch your lottery budget while maintaining similar coverage of all possible bets. In other words, if you can increase your chances of winning up to 1: 100,000 using various lottery number analysis techniques, then you only need to buy 1 bet to have the same opportunity. So, if you are a serious lottery player, buy a good lottery software program is no-brainer. It pays himself in a few weeks.

Smart lottery players try to cover up as many as possible winning bets. I call this Footprint lottery or your LFP. Environmental lovers use the same term, carbon footprint, to describe the effects of each of us towards global warming. However, environmental lovers want a trail of small carbon and lottery players who seriously want a big lottery trail. The bigger the LFP the better your chances of winning is.

I have made a simple formula for LFP that we can use to compare different lottery strategies. It combines both approaches mentioned above. This is the formula.

Lfp = ticket purchased / # from the possibility of bets in millions

Because we want to control our budget, we will try to keep the numerator small. So, we will concentrate on reducing the size of the denominator; possible amount of bet. In this article we will use WinFall cash Massachusetts, lottery 6/46.

Everyone plays the MA646 lottery  kết quả xổ số miền bắc starts with 9,366,819 the possibility of bets to choose. For the purposes of using LFP, we will use 9,366819 in the formula. If the player buys 1 bet:

Lfp = 1/366819 = 0.107

An easy way to increase our MA646 lottery coverage, increase our LFP, will buy more bets. For example, buying 25 bets produces LFP 2.67; shows that our coverage has increased.

But, how serious lottery players reduce the number of bets that are possible? Simple. This is called a reduced playlist. Unlike other people in Massachusetts who play game 6 of 46, our men play different games. Let’s consider that by using the lottery software program to analyze the lottery, he believes that number 38 will not regard the next image. He won’t play bets that have number 38.

I know, you think, ‘no big deal.’ and will stop reading. But wait! This is a big problem. Simple action Removal 1 Number from Play has deleted 1,221,759 betting from playing! It’s more than one million bets. You know, while others at Massachusetts play a lottery 6/46, our people are playing games 6/45. His chances of winning lottery jackpots now 1: 8,145,060. This is reflected in a 15% increase in LFP.

LFP = 25/8.14506 = 3.07

But why stop there. Serious lottery players, who follow my lottery strategy, will apply what I call rules of 80%. They will make a playlist that has 36 points (80% of 46). The opportunity to win a 6/36 lottery is 1: 1,947,792 and out LFP is 12.84. It was a phenomenal increase of 380% in LFP.

Lfp = 25/1947792 = 12.84

Now, the more numbers we delete, the greater the chance to eliminate one of the winning numbers. But, we fight this with a lottery trend analysis technique. In other words, we do a good job to choose numbers to be included in our list. I will freely recognize that it does not work at any time, but for the long term, experienced players will do much better.