5 Conversion Tactics You Need on Your ECommerce Store

ECommerce stores are becoming more popular. People feel confident using them. They also find the process to be convenient. However, setting up an online store alone isn’t enough. You should take steps to increase the conversion rate. When people visit your store, they should have a reason to stay and buy your products. The eCommerce PPC (or pay-per-click) tactic is one strategy but it won’t be enough if the store doesn’t have anything exciting for the visitors. Here are some tips to improve the conversion rate. 

  1. Use high-quality images

Remember that online buyers have no other means to know if they’re getting the right product. The only way to determine if something is worth buying is by looking at the images. It helps if the pictures are of top quality. When zoomed in, the smallest details must be clear. Take a photo of the same product with different angles. Use quality cameras or hire professional photographers. When people decide between two options, they might feel convinced because of image quality alone. 

  1. Use detailed product descriptions 

While the pictures help visualize the product, some people want to read the details. They’re also helpful for products that vary in size, shape or color. The product descriptions must give everything the potential buyers want to know. Use bullet points for clarity. 

  1. Highlight the discounts

People feel more encouraged to buy products if they are available at a discounted price. Highlight the percentage and indicate that it’s a limited offer. If there are freebies, highlight them too. For buyers who wish to use vouchers, let them know where they can get them. When promotions are available, it won’t take time before these visitors decide to head to the checkout counter. Make sure these discounts are real. False promotions will lead to a loss in people’s trust. 

  1. Use the live chat feature

When people visit the store, they might have some questions. After receiving a response, they will decide to buy. Therefore, it pays to use live chat software. It allows visitors to ask questions about the products. If they have questions related to shipping and promotions, they can ask too. Getting an instant response makes the visitors feel like the company cares. 

  1. Improve the checkout process

After the visitors browsed the store and search the available products, they will head to the checkout counter and pay. It shouldn’t take time for the process to be over. They can fill out a short form to collect the necessary mailing information. Don’t make it too long since people won’t be patient enough to answer it. After the first transaction, let the buyers save the data. On their next purchase, they won’t have to retype the information. As long as there’s a guarantee that the collected data is safe, they won’t hesitate to save it. Don’t forget to expand the forms of accepted payments. Some buyers might close the store after realizing they can’t pay using their preferred method. 

Be strategic with the eCommerce PPC campaign

Before potential buyers decide to spend money on your products, they have to find the website first. It helps to advertise the page. Use SEO techniques to organically move to the top. If not, the PPC campaign works. It comes with a price, but it’s worth the results. Instead of waiting to reach the top, this strategy allows eCommerce stores to be on top of search engines right away. With the right tactic, it’s possible.